Kurstin Graham

I live in Reno, Nevada. It has been my home since 1999. I moved here for a temporary research position in Entomology at the University of Nevada. But as things turned out I made Reno my permanent home and my livelihood in the outdoor industry. Currently I manage Reno’s community bike shop, the Reno Bike Project. But, where am I from, how did I get here, what am I going to do with this blog? Come ride with me…

I grew up overseas as the curious son of two school teachers working at American/ International schools. We spent my first 15 or so years in Japan, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Brasil. I finished high school and college in the States while my folks taught in Romania and Burma before retiring. So adventure travel runs deep in my family. As a third culture kid, when asked where am I from I just say I grew up overseas.

My home is Reno. My home is within the bicycle riding and outdoor community here. My bike rides never fail to wow me with Northern Nevada scenery. I am proud of where I live to the point that I consider myself to have a chip on my shoulder regarding those who look west to our near neighbor, Northern California, for recreation and beauty.

My goal for this blog is to entertain you with my explorations of Northern Nevada. If the trips and their stories inspire or inform you to come out and enjoy Northern Nevada then even better. If the stories inform or inspire you to get out on your own explorations then even better. I am motivated by these prospects as well as improving my vanishing writing skills. Serendipitously I am enjoying my new found blogging community.


6 thoughts on “Kurstin Graham

  1. Please contact me before your next adventure out in Austin area. Ill show you the good stuff 🙂 I work for the Chamber of commerce and I am a local of 30+ years and really looking for this kind of promotion and marketing. Also looking for volunteer help to maintain bike trails and help build a new single track

  2. I am new to fat tire bikes, would you go with a 3 inch tire instead of a 4.5? What would you suggest for a first bike for someone who isn’t rich?

    • Hi Jim,
      Tire size really depends on what type of riding you want to do. A decision between 3 to 5 inch tires depends on how much soft snow or sand you wish to ride. But for the other 95% of the riding you do 2.75 – 3 inch tires are fantastic! My Surly Ice Cream Truck is quite versatile. It came with massive 4.8 inch tires which give me maximum flotation and traction in snow and sand. They also do a great job of crawling over rock. I bought a set of 4 inch tires for most other conditions and to save the wider tires for winter. Now I have built a set of 29+ wheels for running 29×3 inch tires.
      My Salsa Fargo is a 29’r that I have run up to 29×2.4 tires on. I also ride 700×40 gravel tires and 29×2.1 studded tires for winter commuting. About a year ago built 27.5+ wheels for the bike to run 27.5×3 tires. I am very happy with that set-up.
      With all that said and ridden in a variety of conditions, if I were doing it all over today and on a budget I would start by going to bikesdirect.com and reviewing their plus bikes and fat bikes. I checked out a few models of 29+ rigid mtb’s starting at $600 with hydraulic brakes that advertise they could also be equipped with 26×4 wheels and tires. I think the 29×3 set-up will carry you far in adventure touring.
      Once you get an idea of the value offered by bikesdirect you can compare with other online sites. Most used fat bikes get lightly used but the sellers want top dollar so there don’t seem to be the bargains there.
      Please don’t hesitate if you have more questions. I hope this has helped.
      Ride bikes,

  3. Hi Kurstin,

    Love your blog! I’m looking for a 2-day loop this weekend (before the weather gets worse). I live in Truckee and was thinking about starting in Verdi or Reno.

    Can you recommend a good route? Looking to do 50 to 80 miles a day.



    • Hey Forest, A two day loop from Winnemucca Ranch Road to Gerlach and return via Pyramid Lk would be outstanding. This is the route made with Garmin Connect. There are some slight computer glitches that I am sure you can smooth out. Consider Jungo Rd to Frog Pond before heading south. Gerlach and Nixon are your two spots with services. Smoke Creek has filterable water. This is just on of many possibilities in my head.
      Thanks for contacting me!
      -Kurstin Graham

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